Електро товарни – ново made in EU


Electric motor power Custom electric AC motor: 8 kW(14kW peak), extremely powerful can work without problems in very demanding situations.
Negotiable slope 30% (35-40% with HP25 kit) one of the best electric vehicles for slope climbing
Width 127 cm
Loading bed length 130-180 cm
Approved for road circulation Yes (most of the countries)
European product, spare parts are always available in a short delivery time
Battery-charger on board the vehicle Yes, it can be connected anytime and anywhere to any 220 V (10 A) socket
Possibility of off-road use Yes, very few electric utility vehicles operate on uneven land. The structure in high-strength steel is the same used in off-road 4×4 vehicles of the ATX series.
Design The vehicles design is fully developed in Italy: Alkè has one of the first Made in Italy UTV design on the market.

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